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DMCA is the abbrivation of Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is the united stat copyright law.This law allows specific files to be removed by their owners if they are being used without proper permission. This exemption was adopted by the European Union in the Electronic Commerce Directive 2000. So in this site all the posts are made only for education purposes and any linked content is stored only in third-party web sites. Since freedom of speech is allowed in this fashion, we do not attend in any kind of copyright infringing. If you have any complaint about any software then you can use these following steps:

1. Gather URL(s) of the offending file(s).

2. Make sure you are the real owner of the file. Also you have to be sure that file does not have permission to be used on this site. In order for the DMCA to succeed and to be successfully processed, you must send an email from a domain that is legitimately owned by the offended company. It is because DMCA complaints will not be accepted from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail,Ask, AOL or other free web mail accounts.

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3. Prepare an email to be sent here

4. Make sure that the subject of the email is “DMCA – {Company Name}” (eg. “DMCA – Microsoft”)

5. Now include the URL(s) in step one in the content of the email. The email should include the Identification of copyrighted works, Copyright infringing material location(s) and Statement of authority.

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